The Advantages of Gift Cards:

What's So Special About Chameleon Gift Cards?
Chameleon gift cards can be customized with personalized text, various dollar amounts, or even pictures of your team or company. You can order extra, give some out now, and save some for later. We want your team to be able to look their best, and gift cards are just another way to give employees some agency over how they look.

New Employee Programs
Instead of keeping 4-5 uniforms in every size at your location, just keep 4-5 gift cards in a drawer! Gift cards can be a great way to get new employees outfitted, and can be easily handed out without having to ask for an employee's measurements. On top of that, you can just put our gift cards in your new employee packet and forget about it!  

Employee Appreciation
Whether you have an employee of the month program or you simply want to single out an employee for exceptional service, a gift card can be a great way to convey that message!

Rewards for Safety, Attendance, or Any Other Metric!
Has your crew achieved a new company milestone? Show your appreciation by handing out gift cards. Nothing increases an employee's morale like being recognized for their hard work!

Special Days
Have an upcoming industry event and want your sales team to look top notch? Give your team gift cards so they can get crisp new outfits!

Comfort = Productivity
Employees spend hours in their uniforms, so making sure they feel comfortable can be a huge improvement on their productivity.

Want a custom gift card with your company logo? Customization is FREE if you order 12 or more gift cards!

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