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Free ID Tags

Need a way to say "This is mine" without putting it on a billboard by the Interstate? Try an ID tag! These useful little bits of durable metal are good for more than just your key chains. Here are just a few uses for custom engraved ID tags:

• Medical tags.
• Animal tags in case a pet goes missing.
• Luggage tags for when you are taking a trip.
• Lockout Tags. Maintenance can lock something and the crew can know who locked the tool.
• Remembering the key to that one door no one ever goes into.
• Organizing fleet vehicle keys according to license plates.
• Give them away for marketing at local events.
• Gifts for your crew/team/employees.
• And a lot more! Use them for anything your imagination can come up with!

Each ID Tag comes with a key ring for ease of use. And every ID tag is engraved by Chamelon in the USA!

Medical Tags